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10 scribbly insects on postcards

10 scribbly insects on postcards

€ 12,50Prijs

10 postcards
10 x 15 cm (A6)
printed on gorgeous crisp white, slightly stuctured, 324 gr paper

this serie was inspired by the Pocket Insect Book that has been published early 2016 by bookpublisher ‘de wereld van wnor’ for which i made the illustrations. all of these scribbly little animals have their own specific beauty.  i decided to put them together in this set of A6 postcards for you to be able to put them on your wall, or to send them to whom you like.

butterfly, rhinoceros beetle, wasp, caterpillar, ant, dragonfly, ladybug, wood-louse, crane-fly, stag beetle and bumble bee are all included!

cover design: lena Steinborn.

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